Home activities structured data now supported by Google Search


Google has added new search developer documentation for the home activities structured data. Home activities structured data is primarily to be used for activities that you can do at home such as watching videos and online events. It appears in the Google Search results as special rich results.

The rich results will give searchers more details on the video or online class that you offer, including more details such as a description of the activity, how to register or watch.

What it looks like. Here is what it looks like in Google Search as a rich result:

How can you see it. Google said that home activity rich results are “currently only available in English in the US” and only work on mobile searches right now. This is currently only showing up for fitness-related searches such as “online exercise” or “yoga at home”.

The content types. Here are some examples of home activity content types that Google supports:

  • Upcoming video livestream
  • Already recorded video
  • An online event

You can add the markup to your videos or events.

Why we care. Rich results in Google Search can bring you more exposure and visibility. So even if you can not budge from position three to position one in Google Search, for example, having a richer result may bring the user’s eye to your richer result in position three

If you have videos or events in this segment, it is probably worth trying out home activities structured data.

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