Google Search Console performance report gains practice problems

Google announced a new addition to the performance report in Search Console, specific for the practice problems rich results. You can now see the impressions, clicks, click through rates and other metrics in the performance report by filtering the report in the “search appearance” filter. Note, you will only see the “practice problems” option if you have rich results showing in Google for your site for these practice problems.

The announcement. Google said on Twitter “following the Practice Problems Search Console enhancement report announcement a few weeks ago, today we’re adding this rich result as a search appearance on the Performance report to help you analyze its results.”

The report. Here is a screenshot of the report filtered by “practice problems” in the search appearance filter:

What practice problems look like. Google explained it as an “interactive feature tests your knowledge of high school math, chemistry and physics topics directly on Search.” Here is a GIF of it in action:

More details. You can learn more about these practice problems, how to add them to your site, how to debug them and much more – over here.

Why we care. If you are in the education online content business, you may want to leverage these new structured data types to get more exposure in the Google Search results. These may help increase your click-through rates on some of your snippets in the search results and it may help you gain more traffic to your site. It also may lead to less clicks, if the answer is solved directly on Google’s site but you now are able to track that within Search Console if they add this data to the performance report.

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