How To Start An Ecommerce Business In One Click And Succeed [Case Study]

How To Start An Ecommerce Business In One Click And Succeed [Case Study]

Do you often picture yourself as a 100% owner of your money-making business? Actually, this is not a dream anymore! Rachel has started her ecommerce store in a couple of clicks and is already gaining profit. Are you interested in what’s behind her story? In this case, let’s learn more about how to start an ecommerce business with no effort and minimum investments!


Do you still dream of your own business?

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? As a rule, there is a reason for that.

  • You are sick of working for the man, you’re not satisfied with your salary or attitude. As a result, you’re eager to start an independent business, earn money, and avoid reliance on anyone else.
  • You have a job that brings you income. You like this job, and you don’t want to quit it. However, you’d like to make more money, and you have to look for an extra source of money.

Starting your own business is a chance for you to unleash the potential of a successful entrepreneur and do what you love, meanwhile, what brings money. But these are exactly the initial investments that become a stumbling block.

However, thanks to ecommerce, now you have an opportunity to easily start your own business that requires neither large investments nor much time. Beyond this, your responsibilities are limited, too!

At the moment, ecommerce is growing rapidly. And this is the best time to enter this industry and start your own online store because this niche is not saturated yet, meanwhile, the share of the retail sales is impressive. In the future, these stores will bring you significant sums of money with your minimum participation.

This is the idea Rachel was inspired by. She was eager to start her own venture, and it was essential for her to save mobility and have an opportunity to work from anywhere. And this is exactly what she got after ordering a custom store from Sellvia.

How to start an ecommerce business in one click: what’s behind a custom store by Sellvia?

a picture showing your perfect custom store by Sellvia

We hope there’s no secret that you can order a custom online store from Sellvia. This is absolutely a ready-to-go solution freeing you from any difficulties you may face.


a picture showing how to order a custom store by Sellvia

What does it look like? You place an order on Sellvia’s website, discuss the store details with your manager, and that’s it! When everything is done, you will get a ready-to-go business that runs its routine daily operations on autopilot and can bring you profit for years to come.

What’s so special about ordering a custom store from Sellvia?

  • You get an online store with best-selling products and amazing designs!

Beyond this, you enjoy the following:

  • Zero work from you
  • 100% ownership
  • Mobile- and SEO-friendly solution
  • Personal manager
  • Niche research
  • Lifetime support

What’s Rachel’s strategy and how she made her dream a reality?

So, Rachel decided to order a Custom store from Sellvia and got herself a fancy one!

a picture showing how online stores by Sellvia look

‘This is a car accessories store with minimalistic design and hype products onboard. That’s exactly what I need!’.

In fact, Rachel has not even lifted a finger to get a ready-made store with functional hosting, best-selling products, a high-converting theme, and everything else you’d need for a successful ecommerce business. This means that a person that gets a Сustom store from Sellvia is ready to sell from day one. And this was exactly what Rachel started to do!

How did Rachel manage to start making money from the outset?

We always say that with Sellvia, you’re able to sell as soon as you get the store. Rachel made sure of that.

As soon as her manager handed the store over to her, she started to promote its best-selling products. Fortunately, with Sellvia, there’s nothing challenging about it!

Rachel used all the marketing materials Sellvia provides for the carefree launch of your ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, as well as email marketing campaigns and more. Sellvia Marketing Academy was of great help, too!

a picture showing new service by Sellvia - it's ecomerce academy

‘Each Sellvia’s product is provided with marketing materials you’re able to copy in one click!’.  And just like that, Rachel’s story began. So here she goes!

As a result, she got her first $1K+ within 7 days after the store’s launch. In fact, the store has already paid off and started to bring profit. Great, isn’t it?

a picture showing how to start an ecommerce business and succeed

Actually, let’s be sincere. Although online businesses don’t require massive investments, it can take time to let them pay off. It depends heavily on the way you’re going to promote your store.

And here comes the benefit you’ll enjoy in the case of collaborating with Sellvia.

All the promo materials for marketing campaigns have already been tested, and they proved to be high converting.

‘As soon as I started to launch ad campaigns, Internet users began to actually buy goods from my store. And after a while, the store paid off and I started to get a stable source of extra income’.

Make a fortune with your ready-to-go ecommerce business

What’s the key factor in such a successful business launch? Rachel herself admits Sellvia has already done most of the work for her.

‘It was really a great idea to team up with Sellvia. They did most of the work for me to let me start from the ground up and help my business progress in time.’

So Rachel’s store has already paid off. At the moment, she gains profit from the store on a permanent basis. Although it’s been a short time, the store brings in some steady cash, without any blackouts. Here’s how its performance looked after the first successful week!

a picture showing how to start an ecommerce business and get high store revenues

Would you like to become an owner of such a profitable ecommerce business with great potential? Now you know well how to start an ecommerce business that really brings profit without large investments. You are welcome to explore this opportunity yourself!

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