Martin DOUBLED His Average Monthly Sales With Sellvia – Here’s How!

Martin DOUBLED His Average Monthly Sales With Sellvia – Here’s How!

How can you increase revenue in ecommerce, especially if it’s the first online business you’ve ever had?

Martin, our today’s guest from Denmark, tried running an online store for the first time ever – and had a 35-40% sales & revenue increase just in a month of using one smart ecommerce solution. Let’s see what’s his secret!

Hi, please introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Martin Dressler, 43, from Denmark. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics, and currently I’m working in sales and marketing.

How did your ecommerce journey begin?

In March 2021 I got an AliDropship’s Premium Store – a duplicate of an existing profitable store that sells fitness and health products.

The store went live, and for the first 7 months of its running, things were steady but modest. Here are the March – September performance numbers.

7 month revenue of a successful ecommerce store

At that time, I was reselling AliExpress products through this website. The numbers may look ok, but in reality, I was struggling with delivery times and customer complaints. That’s why I was interested in some alternatives to AliExpress and was looking at Wholesale Central, for example.

But then I got an even more interesting offer. As part of the AliDropship community, I receive updates on everything that’s going on in the company. This includes the new tools and services they roll out. And sometime in September I got their email promoting Sellvia, an ecommerce supplier with ready-to-sell products already kept in a warehouse in California.

Sellvia’s 1-3 days shipping seemed to solve my delivery issues, and I decided to check it out.

I figured out it’s simple and easy to use, and the delivery time was as promised, meaning I could focus on sales and marketing instead of customer complaints.

And, as Sellvia’s fast shipping option is applicable to the United States only, I began working on the US market. That’s the whole story!

Did Sellvia actually help you increase revenue?

Most certainly! Sellvia has given me the opportunity to double my sales in just one month.

After switching to Sellvia, in October alone, I had half the amount of sales I gained throughout the previous seven months of the store operation.

Revenue increase in 1 month of using Sellvia

The overtime numbers of sales and revenue speak for themselves, too.

Overtime revenue of a successful ecommece store

Since March, I’ve had 194 sales and $5,562 in revenue, with 35-40% of sales and revenue gained in October after I started using Sellvia.

How are you promoting your store to have such an impressive number of orders rolling in?

I mainly launch Facebook ad campaigns and also work on my social media presence by populating Facebook and Instagram with feed posts as well.

There are more promo opportunities to try out, of course. With Sellvia, I can confidently grow the business and start using other platforms like Google Ads and eBay.

How do you rate your experience with Sellvia?

I have used Sellvia for a month now and I have been very happy with the service. The integration with my WordPress store from AliDropship was super easy.

Their delivery time is excellent and I have had no customer complaints on the supply chain which is very important to me.

This is my first online store and has been a learning experience. It is amazing fun to run an online store. Right now, I’m trying to learn everything I can about marketing, supply chains and customer interaction – it is incredibly rewarding.

What are your plans for the future?

I now have the confidence to scale my business and not worry that I will get buried in customer complaints about long delivery times from AliExpress. There are enough products so I can expand my business into other areas and increase revenue.

That’s an inspiration! Shortening the orders delivery time thanks to Sellvia, Martin was able to boost his clients’ loyalty and satisfaction — and therefore, increase revenue greatly. We are excited to play such a prominent role in Martin’s successful business start and can’t wait to see his store breaking new records!

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