Can Malaysian Kopitiams Go Digital in the Present and Future?


Malaysian Kopitiams Go Digital in the Present & Future

In the year 2022, approximately eight hundred thousand of 60kg coffee bags were consumed in Malaysia. However, Kopitiams were hurt worse than numerous other industries during the epidemic.

According to the National Kopitiam Association, Kopitiam and food service revenues declined by $240 billion.

Over 110,000 pubs and Kopitiams shuttered their services in 2020, either temporarily or entirely.

The ones that survived or even thrived in the last 18 months have one characteristic in common: They leveraged technology to change their business strategies and operations drastically and offered to shift market conditions.

As stated by a National Kopitiam Association official, Covid-19 wiped out six years of profitability in the Kopitiam business.

However, it has accelerated the pace and range of the restaurant industry’s digital transformation.

Digital transformation-led practices have proven to be more than just a brief lifeline for the business. They have changed how the company handles customer experience, retail operations, and distribution networks, both now and in the future.

Malaysia kopitiam situation

According to a recent survey conducted, 79% of companies agreed that Covid-19 had increased the budget for digital transformation.

Below are a few of the most widespread advancements, all of which might become the restaurant industry’s new reality to survive in the digital world:

Client Experience

The most visible technological innovations in food service are those that make an impact on the customer experience.

These digital transformations can also provide customers with a more enjoyable and efficient experience.

Furthermore, they can allow more tailored consumer interactions and provide data-driven insights to Kopitiams. Among these advancements are the following:

  • Ordering online for delivery or pickup
  • Menus and payment with no touch
  • Schemes for digital loyalty and incentives
  • Kiosks for self-service

Several Kopitiams have also installed self-service kiosks during the epidemic. Among the numerous brands used are Domino’s, Chili’s, Panera, and Subway.

Food delivery and online purchases

Kopitiam business

The procedure of purchasing and delivering meals is the most routinely computerized. The most obvious benefit of having an internet presence is accessibility.

However, specialists in web analytics believe that more than having a smartphone application for the Kopitiam business may be needed.

Consumers dislike having over a dozen applications on their smartphones. They are unlikely to dedicate a portion of their phone’s storage to any dining app. That implies you’ll have to look at other choices for digital transformation.

One of these is Progressive Web Apps (PWA), or advanced web applications, technology. PWA provides users with a web-based experience.

It doesn’t need downloading and allows users to explore your menu, choose products, place an order, and pay online.

Furthermore, it enables easy access, which helps to increase customer interest for your Kopitiam within the restaurant industry.

Compliance and security

Using technology to manage the factors that impact both customer and employee safety, and also quality and safety of food.

However, more frequently than ever before, digital is replacing traditional “pen and paper” to interact and monitor security in the restaurant industry, including:

  • Staff pre-shift and health checks are performed daily.
  • Protocols for sanitation and hygiene.
  • Temperature tracking and food safety.
  • Recalls of products.
  • Mandates from both the federal and local governments.
  • Connect on Social Media

Posting drool-worthy, high-quality images is an excellent way to sell your Kopitiam online.

As a result, displaying mouth-watering photographs on your website and social networking platforms is critical for increasing your following. According to research conducted by Social Media Today, 30% of millennials shun Kopitiams that have mediocre Instagram accounts.

Overlooking social media results in an inefficient digital marketing approach for Kopitiams. You can either build this strategy in-house or opt for professional digital marketing services from Exabytes.

Maintaining a presence on various social media sites is also advantageous to attract repeat customers.

However, it also provides a means of successfully networking. Furthermore, include both free and paid advertising choices. There are several methods to market your business using social media.

Maximize your Kopitiam promotion. Deals on scrumptious food platters, previews of brand-new menu items, prizes and discounts, and so on.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a strong candidate for Kopitiam’s digital marketing strategy.

This happens because you may contact folks who have already indicated an interest in or dined at your business. Email, on top of being formal, is also quite personal.

The first step should be establishing a subscriber list who’ve already indicated an interest in receiving your emails.

Give deals to former clients who still need to enroll, and promote on social media, the company website, and landing sites to get subscribers.

Please keep in contact with your followers by mailing them greetings, giving amazing offers and newsletters, displaying your updated menu, and so on.

Any company’s long-term success within restaurant industry depends on instilling a sense of community in its clients.

Hire an expert to manage your digital transition

Using the power of modern technology to your Kopitiam’s benefit may appear simple, but it takes the labor of specialists to make it genuinely effective.

Purchasing new tools and using new technology is not enough for the right digital transformation.

To keep your name popular, you need skilled stewardship to guide you along the correct route. The aim is simple: enhance the effectiveness of online purchases, billing, and delivery within the restaurant industry.

It would be best if you also guaranteed that customers are adequately engaged, bringing them up to date on all developments.

Under all circumstances, the necessity of eating cannot be emphasized. Nutrition is a source of energy and comfort for everyone. It is the most excellent stress reliever and has the power to bring individuals together.


Kopitiam Malaysia

Because the Kopitiam/restaurant industry is so competitive, digital transformation is critical for success.

Establishing a solid website optimized for content and SEO is essential to Kopitiam’s digital marketing strategy. It also should be displayed on review sites, and internet advertising should use local targeting.

Innovative cuisines and delicacies will capture your audience’s interest within the competitive restaurant industry.

Additionally, consider taking up professional digital marketing services from Exabytes.

We help your brand reach new heights with the right strategy and implementation. Connect with an Exabytes professional and start your digital marketing journey.

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