Team Member Profile: Lindsey Jonas


Lindsey Jonas


Role: Retention and Engagement Specialist
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Been with InMotion Hosting since: September 2015

How did you get started in the web hosting field?

I started in Human Resources (HR) as a temp at another company and then found InMotion Hosting when I joined as an HR Coordinator.

What is your current role at InMotion Hosting? What do you like most about it?

Currently, I am a Retention and Engagement Specialist.

I love working on projects that help increase the engagement of our team members. I also get to help advance diversity and inclusion efforts in the company while also performing recruiting tasks!

What is the coolest gadget you own, want to own, or have read about?

I really want to get a Bartesian, a smart cocktail mixer!

What would you like to tell us about yourself?

In my spare time, I love all things Disney! From listening to podcasts, going to the parks, to Disney cruises!

Describe your personality in one word.


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