SEO Dashboard

SEO Dashboard

Simple and efficient SEO dashboard that provides a 360-view of your campaigns

View multiple websites in one page to review their stats including traffic and conversions.

View multiple website traffic in one page

Rankings & Reporting? See Them in One Place.

See progress at a glance with our SEO dashboard built for agencies and businesses.

Our SEO reporting dashboard displays the key metrics to report campaign performance and provide ROI for your digital marketing initiatives.

Find out how campaigns are delivering results and get a clear picture of the SEO performance for the websites under your care.

A Platform That Gives a Snapshot of SEO Essentials

SEO Health Visibility

Track metrics to determine how your strategies are playing out with our intuitive SEO reporting dashboard.

Data from Trusted SEO Tools

Our SEO dashboard integrates Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other rank tracking tools used by pros.

Easy Access Anytime, Anywhere

It’s cloud-based. You can access the dashboard and get data in real-time whenever, wherever.

A SEO Dashboard to Supplement Data-Driven Strategies

SEO experts thrive with having the right data to set their strategies in the right direction. That’s exactly what this SEO dashboard provides.

A Closer Look at Keyword Rankings

Identify which keywords are performing based on their positions on search results so you can identify how to move forward with your SEO projects.

Get Updates on Traffic Movement

See if your SEO strategy is making an impact. The SEO dashboard software shows monthly traffic movement and identifies traffic based on the source and devices used by visitors.

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