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  • 11 FAQ Pages that are Better than Yours

    Sadly, a website‘s FAQ page is often rushed and rarely given much thought. But it shouldn‘t‘ be this way. This guide will walk you through the reasons why an awesome FAQ page is so important for SEO and branding, and show you 11 examples that we love so that you can feel inspired to improve […]

  • Welcome to Content Marketing Unlocked: Your Free Blogging Course

    Blogging is so effective that there are over a billion blogs on the web. Just think about that… that’s roughly 1 blog for every 7 people. Sure, we don’t really need any more blogs, but people still create them because they can be such effective marketing channels. And best of all, unlike social sites, the […]

  • Google adds ‘last updated’ hours notification to GMB profiles

    Google My Business (GMB) profiles now indicate when business hours were last updated. A small but important change, this happened roughly two weeks ago. Not a test. Some SEOs interpreted this as a test when it first appeared, but I confirmed with Google today that it’s not. In the examples below — both are London […]

  • Grow Your Business with these 10 Free Marketing Ideas

    People do business with brands they trust. But how can you build lasting trust among your audience? It starts with marketing.  The reason is simple: If your audience doesn’t know about you, how can you begin establishing that trust in the first place? If you’re marketing your business, kudos. You may already have an edge […]