Boost Your Business Luck With This Simple Guide To Feng Shui


Fortune favours those who are time-sensitive!

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start when it comes to cultivating good feng shui. How does feng shui work? How do you make the most of it and boost your luck?

Well, here are some of the best essential tips from Master Lee Cheng Hoe, who founded Penang Feng Shui. Throughout this article, you will find some insights regarding the auspicious dates to start business/resume work AND including some of the ‘lucky’ feng shui positions you can easily follow! So remember to save this to maximise your good fortune and prosperity in both business as well as personal life in general.

 From the table above, you can see the favoured dates for each of the respective zodiac signs and when to cease or start your work exactly. If you are focused on starting the year off with good feng shui and getting an overall boost in good fortune, then take note of these dates and mark your calendars!

**Look out which dates to avoid below if your zodiac clashes with any of the dates: 

4-2-2022 : Every zodiac except for Horse 

7-2-2022 : Every zodiac except for Rooster 

8-2-2022 : Every zodiac except for Dog 

10-2-2022 : Every zodiac except for Rat

14-2-2022 : Every zodiac except for Dragon

16-2-2022 :  Every zodiac except for Horse

18-2-2022 : Every zodiac except for Monkey 

22-2-2022: Every zodiac except for Rat 

Got any idea what the chart above means? Not to worry, here is a simple guideline on how you can understand it and further strengthen your feng shui this 2022! The first Chinese festival on the solar calendar, Li Chun (otherwise known as ‘The Beginning Of Spring”) is a time of importance as it signifies fresh starts and rejuvenation. After Li Chun (4th February), you will be able to start making simple arrangements in your home according to the chart.


( Negative ‘Stars’) – Items & Feng Shui Positions to ward off negative luck. 

Number 5

  • The significance of this number helps avoid any major bad luck / negative events from occurring. In order to activate it, place a string of ‘Five Coins Charm’ in the middle position.

Number 2

  • This number represents cooperation or balance, as in the yin and yang. To ward off illnesses, can put the ‘ Golden Tortoise’ in the position of South-West

Number 3

  • If you want to further take advantage of the auspiciousness of the number, put the ‘Fire’ element in the position of East. The ‘Fire’ element here simply means putting red colour decorations or bright curtains will suffice. 
  • This can help avoid complaints from customers or product returns.


( Positive ‘Stars’) – Items & Feng Shui Positions to boost positive luck 

Number 9

  • The ‘luckiest’ position for the year of 2022 is none other than the position of South. If you wish to boost your luck, place a crystal or gem at this position. 

Number 1

  • To improve or encourage good relationships with your customers and people in general, place a ‘Water’ element in the position of North.


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