TikTok’s brand safety center consolidates transparency updates, announcements and partnerships

TikTok has launched a brand safety center as a hub for articles, partnerships and other resources related to brand safety and transparency, the company announced Tuesday.

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Image: TikTok.

The brand safety center includes TikTok’s mission statement, the latest brand safety announcements, information about its partnerships and certifications, the platform’s transparency updates and case studies.

Why we care. Social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have a range of monetization options for creators — TikTok will need to build out more opportunities for creators to make money if it wants to keep them on its platform.

As it builds out these advertising capabilities, the brand safety center may be a convenient reference for brands to understand how TikTok is tackling these issues.

Transparency and brand safety are table stakes. Ever since the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal, social media platforms have been under increased scrutiny. Users want to be reassured that their personal data isn’t being used without their permission, regulatory bodies seek to enforce election laws and anti-collusion regulations, and advertisers want to ensure that they’re staying compliant while avoiding unwanted ad placements.

As a result, transparency and brand safety initiatives such as this have become ubiquitous for social media platforms: Facebook introduced its transparency center in May 2021. LinkedIn has transparency reports. Twitter also has a transparency center.

The future of brand safety on TikTok. Over the next year, the platform expects to work with entities within the industry to set definitions and standards for brand safety issues, like misinformation and ad adjacency.

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