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Customers create profit. The same concept also applies to eCommerce. An online store’s profit is determined by the number of buyers, as well as their activity. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including through promotion and price policies, as well as service quality. 

SMS can help ensure that consumers have a positive experience from purchase to delivery. A survey showed that 84% of buyers are unlikely to return after a bad delivery experience. Shops that don’t let you know the status of your order until it’s delivered are already losing consumers as a result of this.

Although eCommerce does not allow for face-to-face engagement with customers, it can set up a variety of communication techniques based on technology. Nowadays, Bulk SMS is the most convenient approach to communicating with large groups of clients.

How does Bulk SMS give advantages to eCommerce?

  • Bulk SMS can be sent straight from the system panel with a single mouse click, or it can be scheduled.
  • Time-saving: The seller can build as many common templates as needed, eliminating the necessity of re-entering text messages each time.
  • Bulk SMS is the cheapest mode of communication with clients.
  • SMS is considerably more likely to be read than e-mail. It will not end up in the junk mail folder, and people check their phones for new messages more frequently than they do e-mail.

How can you use the Bulk SMS platform in eCommerce?

Order Status SMS

Reporting on order processing, shipping, and delivery are the most common SMS from online shops. Customers look forward to these kinds of SMS the most. In reality, a buyer who cannot purchase products at the cash register begins to worry about whether they filled out the form correctly, whether the application is accepted, and whether the registration and delivery processes have begun.

Customers frequently call to enquire about the progress of their orders. You relieve the buyers of such concerns and get valuable time for yourself by sending an SMS notification that the order has been accepted.

Shipping SMS

Taking orders is frequently the easiest task for eCommerce businesses. The physical delivery of the product to the buyer is the true problem.

This is where text messaging (SMS) comes in. As noted previously, SMS can help ensure that consumers have a positive experience from purchase to delivery. A survey showed that 84% of buyers are unlikely to return after a bad delivery experience.

New Arrival SMS

Quite often, clients are willing to wait for the thing they want if those things aren’t currently accessible. In such instances, many stores offer a “product expectation” service, in which the buyer can mark things that pique his interest and receive a notification when they arrive. At the same time, the client can be interested in learning about other new products in certain product categories. The Bulk SMS service is an excellent way to inform your customers. 

Special Occasion/Birthday SMS

Holidays represent a fantastic time to send Bulk SMS to your online store’s client database with a special offer, such as a New Year’s sale, a Black Friday special, Christmas new arrivals, or birthday discounts. This will be better than any SMS congratulations on such holidays, and it will also be a great opportunity to remind the customer about your store.

Keep your client database up to date, and maintain detailed profiles of your customers with their dates of birth and marital status. You can use this information to plan your Bulk SMS and offer the client a special offer in advance. The client can then share this with friends who are planning a gift.

Excessive SMS messages to clients will irritate them, lowering their loyalty and resulting in negative feedback. Plan your SMS campaign carefully, update your customers’ databases, ask whether they want to receive your SMS, and give them the option to unsubscribe.

Exabytes Bulk SMS has all the capabilities necessary for customising an efficient SMS campaign:

  • You can send automated messages by integrating it with your E-content commerce’s management system via API upload and managing your customer base according to your requirements (for example, dividing them into groups according to gender, interests, etc.).
  • Personalise your message. Address your customer by their name.
  • Enable 2-factor authorisation with Exabytes Bulk SMS.There are many more ways to use bulk SMS service, and if you are innovative with organising your SMS campaigns, you can attract new, high potential customers and retain existing customers at the same time!

For more information on Exabytes Bulk SMS Services, please visit here.


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