A Beginner’s Guide to SEOReseller Pro Features


The digital landscape has significantly expanded, with a surge in online activities and businesses vying for visibility in the digital realm. As of 2023, search engine optimization (SEO) is pivotal for businesses aiming to achieve their objectives in this competitive environment. A striking 68% of online experiences start with a search engine, emphasizing the indispensable role of SEO in connecting businesses with their target audience.

In this thriving digital ecosystem, SEOReseller Pro emerges as a noteworthy tool offering features to aid agencies in navigating the SEO terrain effectively. By leveraging SEOReseller Pro, businesses can optimize their online presence and rank higher in search results.

What is SEOReseller Pro?

SEOReseller Pro is a comprehensive SEO platform designed for agencies in the digital domain. In today’s online-focused world, having an all-in-one SEO platform is a game-changer. It simplifies various SEO tasks into one integrated environment, saving time and reducing complexity. This consolidation improves efficiency, ensures consistent SEO strategies, and provides a centralized view of key metrics and performance indicators.

SEOReseller Pro is an all-in-one platform that offers a suite of critical features for successful SEO campaigns. One notable feature is the White Label SEO Dashboard, which is highly comprehensive and serves as a powerful sales tool for agencies. It helps track and manage SEO campaigns, providing a clear view of progress and areas that need attention. The platform also includes a reputation management feature, allowing agencies to monitor and respond to online reviews across platforms, helping to build and maintain a positive online reputation.

SEOReseller Pro also offers white-label resources like pitch kits, presentation decks, and white papers. These resources can be branded with your agency’s logo and identity. They are designed to educate, sell, and explain SEO services to potential clients, helping with business development and client engagement. The platform also allows you to track a significant number of keywords across campaigns, providing valuable insights into keyword performance and search engine ranking.

Integrating these vital features into one comprehensive tool makes SEOReseller Pro a compelling choice for agencies looking to optimize their SEO efforts, foster client relationships, and attain a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.​

Whitelabel SEO Dashboard

The White Label SEO Dashboard is one of the hallmark features of SEOReseller Pro, designed to provide a customized, brand-centric interface for agencies to manage and monitor their SEO campaigns. This dashboard is easily branded with the agency’s logo and other identifying marks, allowing for a professional presentation to clients. It serves as a centralized hub where agencies can track the performance of various SEO metrics, manage campaigns, and generate reports that provide insightful data on SEO efforts.

The dashboard is not only a management tool but also a powerful sales instrument, aiding in demonstrating the value and progress of SEO campaigns to clients. This level of customization and branding elevates the agency’s professional appearance, while the comprehensive data and management features contribute to effective, informed decision-making in SEO strategies.

Keyword Performance and Monitoring

Keyword Performance and Monitoring is another crucial aspect covered by SEOReseller Pro. This feature enables agencies to track the performance of a substantial number of keywords across all campaigns, providing a granular view of keyword rankings and their impact on traffic and conversions. By closely monitoring keyword performance, agencies can better understand the effectiveness of their SEO strategies, identify high-performing keywords, and make data-driven decisions to optimize keyword usage in content and advertising.

Additionally, this feature facilitates monitoring competitors’ keyword strategies, granting a competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape. With the insights garnered from keyword performance and tracking, agencies are better positioned to refine their SEO strategies, enhance visibility in search engine results, and ultimately drive more traffic and conversions, fulfilling the overarching goal of maximizing online success for their clients.

Lead Tracking and Finder

SEOReseller Pro’s Lead Tracking and Finder feature is a powerful business tool. It allows users to identify potential clients by analyzing their websites’ SEO performance. By simply entering a URL, the device provides a comprehensive report on the site’s SEO health, highlighting areas that need improvement.

It also tracks key performance indicators, such as keyword rankings and backlinks, helping resellers pinpoint businesses needing SEO services. This data-driven approach streamlines lead generation, enabling resellers to target prospects more effectively and tailor their offerings to specific needs.

Ease of Use through WordPress Partner Plugin

SEOReseller Pro offers a WordPress Partner Plugin, making it incredibly user-friendly. This plugin seamlessly integrates with WordPress websites, allowing resellers to manage SEO campaigns directly from their WordPress dashboard.

This integration simplifies the process of optimizing websites, as users can access all SEOReseller Pro’s features without leaving their familiar WordPress environment. This convenience enhances efficiency, streamlining workflow, and ensures a smooth experience for resellers and their clients.

SEO Audit Tool

The SEO Audit Tool within SEOReseller Pro empowers resellers to conduct in-depth website audits effortlessly. Users can generate comprehensive SEO reports for their clients with a few clicks. These reports analyze various on-page and off-page SEO factors, identifying issues and suggesting improvements.

The tool provides valuable insights into site speed, mobile-friendliness, and content optimization, helping resellers create targeted SEO strategies and demonstrate their expertise to clients.

Proposal Builder

SEOReseller Pro’s Proposal Builder simplifies the process of creating persuasive SEO proposals. It offers customizable templates that allow resellers to craft professional recommendations tailored to each client’s needs. Resellers can add detailed SEO strategies, pricing, and timelines, making it easier to win clients by showcasing their value proposition clearly and concisely.

Marketing Automation

The Marketing Automation feature automates repetitive SEO tasks, saving resellers time and effort. It includes automated SEO reporting, email notifications, and client communication tools. Resellers can schedule and send regular reports to clients, ensuring transparency and informing them of progress. Automation streamlines client management, allowing resellers to focus on strategy and client relationships rather than administrative tasks.

Reputation Management

SEOReseller Pro’s Reputation Management feature enables resellers to monitor and enhance their client’s online reputations. It tracks online reviews, mentions, and ratings across various platforms, helping resellers promptly identify and respond to customer feedback. By proactively managing online reputations, resellers can strengthen their clients’ brand image and customer trust.

Agency Landing Pages

SEOReseller Pro offers pre-designed Agency Landing Pages that resellers can use to promote their SEO services. These customizable pages allow resellers to showcase their brand and services effectively. They come equipped with conversion-focused elements to drive leads and inquiries, making it easier for resellers to attract potential clients and establish their online presence.

Report Builder

The Report Builder in SEOReseller Pro enables resellers to create detailed and visually appealing SEO reports for clients. It offers a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to customize reports with key performance metrics, charts, and graphics. Resellers can generate branded reports highlighting the progress and results of their SEO efforts. These reports not only showcase the value of the services but also foster transparency and trust with clients.

Pricing and Packages

SEOReseller Pro offers flexible pricing and packages to suit the needs of different SEO resellers. They provide a range of options, from basic plans for startups to comprehensive packages for established agencies. Pricing is competitive, and resellers can choose a plan that aligns with their business goals and client base. This flexibility ensures resellers can scale their SEO services effectively while managing costs and maximizing profitability.


SEOReseller Pro’s comprehensive suite of features empowers SEO resellers to streamline their operations and deliver exceptional results to their clients. With tools for lead generation, proposal creation, and marketing automation, it simplifies the SEO reselling process, saving time and boosting efficiency. The platform’s flexibility and user-friendly interface make it a valuable asset for SEO professionals looking to grow their businesses and succeed in the competitive digital marketing landscape.

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