Ready to turn website visits into money? Meet continuous conversion


Does this scenario sound familiar to you? 

As a marketer, you know the importance of website conversion rate optimization (CRO), so you run A/B tests or set up personalization rules. But before you know it, you’re bogged down by setting up tests, monitoring them daily to see if they’ve reached statistical significance, and declaring winners (if you can even call them that). Even then, you’re stuck with the laborious task of baking these into your base site or pinging your engineering team to do so yet again for you. 

And after all this work, you realize you’re still not meeting the goal you set out for in the first place: driving more conversions. This is because your visitors are still receiving a one-size-fits-all static experience and not the personalized, dynamic experience they’re expecting. At this point, you’re behind on your goals and wondering if there’s a better way.

There is.

What if we told you there’s a website optimization solution that replaces manual, developer-reliant testing and marries your great ideas with machine learning to help you easily turn website visits into money? It’s here now, and it’s ready to help you drive growth.

Meet continuous conversion

Continuous Conversion is a SaaS technology that turns static, one-size-fits-all websites into adaptive Learning Websites that optimize and personalize the experience for every single visitor in the moment. 

Powered by machine learning, Continuous Conversion allows you to test a virtually unlimited number of ideas at once. It amplifies your better ideas and starves your losing ideas of traffic, as it continuously drives conversions. With ML doing the heavy-lifting for you, this gives your team more time to do what it does best: understand your audience and come up with creative ideas that would resonate with them. To take a deep dive into the ins and outs of Continuous Conversion, download our Introduction to Continuous Conversion eBook.

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