Bing’s Ethical Shopping hub expands to U.S., Canada


Microsoft Bing’s Ethical Shopping hub is now available in the U.S. and Canada. It launched in December, but only in the UK.

In addition, the hub has a new design and the experience can be triggered when people search for relevant queries in English.

What is the Ethical Shopping hub? It allows people to search for fashion products in categories such as eco-friendly, fairtrade, recycled, vegan and more. Every brand included in the experience receives a rating (powered by Good on You) based on three sustainability areas: people, planet and animals. 

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New design. Microsoft Bing is giving searchers more visibility into sustainability. Now, when you hover over the Ethical Choice label on a product listing you will see the overall brand rating (e.g., It’s a Start, Good, Great) and which criteria it is rated well on (e.g., Eco-Friendly, Organic, Vegan). Here’s an example screenshot from the hub:

So, if it’s important for a shopper that a brand is rated as Eco-Friendly, this notation could help lead to a sale.

Integrated into Microsoft Bing search. It’s more than a hub now. Microsoft said in their blog post they have also expanded the experience so that it will show up when searching relevant queries on Bing. This should lead more searchers to discover the Ethical Shopping hub.  

Why we care. This is good news for fashion brands that offer sustainable products. Microsoft Bing is rewarding environmentally-friendly brands with greater visibility on relevant search queries. Opening up beyond the UK means more chances to earn sales in the U.S. and Canada. 

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