Tips For Selling Jewelry Online And Creating A Thriving Online Store


Jewelry is a timeless and powerful piece of accessory that has been popular throughout the history of mankind. And if you’re thinking about establishing your own jewelry online store, we’ve prepared some tips for selling jewelry online. 

Jewelry can be anything – a gift, a symbol of status, or just a beautiful piece of decor. It can help people express their individuality, love for romantic partners and friendship. But moreover, it’s hard-wired in our human experiences to enjoy beautiful things, express ourselves, make fashion statements and pass jewelry items down in our family as collectibles.

In simple terms, jewelry can make us feel special – and that’s something that everyone needs once in a while.

So, let’s see why you should start selling jewelry online, how to do it, and what you should avoid.



Why sell jewelry online?

a handy with a jewelry bracelet

The jewelry market is huge.

In 2020, the global jewelry market amounted to about $228 billion, whereas the U.S. jewelry market was valued at about 76 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. By 2025, this market was forecast to reach a value of over $21 billion.

The market is not only huge, it is also incredibly diverse.

Sellers can offer rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or belly rings, just to name a few. In fact, jewelry is so diverse that if you start digging into the multitude of options, you may find your head spinning. For each unique piece comes a unique design and so on.

Jewelry is a consumer product and it knows no boundaries. It appeals to both men and women no matter their age (or culture)! Knowing that, you can already understand that running out of buyers is going to be incredibly tough.

As a dropshipping merchant, you can reach customers anywhere in the world, regardless of where you’re located. And regardless of if you’re a beginner entrepreneur looking to profit from your passion or a seasoned ecommerce enthusiast, with Sellvia you have an equal footing to build a discoverable store.

Now that you know why you should start selling jewelry online, let’s see how you should do it.


Selling Jewelry Online: Tips to establish a thriving online store

a picture showing a thriving jewelry store

The fashion industry, and specifically the jewelry niche, constantly changes, so you’re going to need to keep your customers engaged by updating your product range and adding up to date trends to your store.


Online consumers of all sorts are constantly on the lookout for new jewelry pieces to add to their wardrobe collections.

And to know what people are searching for, you have to do a little research yourself. This way, you’ll have new hot and trending items in stock even before the most devout fashionistas!

And how do I know when new trends roll in, you may ask? Well, one way is to follow various fashion jewelry blogs like Gem Gossip, Gemologue, Diamonds in the library, etc.

Another way to find trending products is to look through the Sellvia catalog, as it is filled with time-proven and tested products.

Find a supplier 

Finding a good supplier who you can trust can be challenging.

However, with Sellvia, you already have an excellent dropshipping supplier. How is that?

Well, first of all, Sellvia is not necessarily a supplier – it’s a whole ecommerce ecosystem, packed with numerous features to help start and grow an online business.

All the products you will find in the Sellvia catalog are stored in a US warehouse. So, once a customer buys something in your online jewelry store, we will take care of the packaging and shipping of the item. But, what’s more, your customer will receive their order within 1-3 business days.

Not many (if any at all) dropshipping suppliers offer these kinds of fast shipping services. Seeing as how impatient online consumers are nowadays, fast shipping times can play a major role to your online business.

It provides many benefits, since your customers will receive their orders quicker it will affect their shopping experience in a positive way. And customers that have gone through a positive online shipping experience, will no doubt come back for more future purchases.


Set up your online store

It used to be challenging to set up your own online store. You would have to waste an incredible amount of time and probably money to understand how to create an online store. However, that is in the past.

Now, you can easily find a platform to set up your dream online store and Sellvia can provide you with this opportunity.

Not only will you be able to get access to a catalog full of hot jewelry products, but you can also get an online store made according to your preferences. And in 1 business day, you will get your ideal online platform to start selling jewelry online.

The best part? You can try it absolutely for free! So, don’t miss your chance to finally start an online business that can bring you profit for years to come. 

Nevertheless, here are some tips you can follow to further improve your business.


  • Stick to a specific niche

At the beginning of your dropshipping journey, it is important to pay attention to details and make sure everything is flowing like it’s supposed to. So, you must even think through your product range as well.

Focusing on a specific jewelry niche can help you keep order in your store. And not sticking to it, may cause your business to fail.

  • Try on the jewelry you’re selling

It is important to understand what you are selling. Why? It will help you better understand the feeling of wearing it. After all, if you can’t wear it, most people will likely have similar feelings.

  • Create deals that are hard to pass up on

These kinds of deals can include several different pieces of jewelry in one set. So, try different combinations of jewelry, an earring and necklace set or even a set of three with earrings, necklace, and rings.

Most importantly, don’t forget to show the price for each set piece separately. This will demonstrate the value of the set you are offering and make it more appealing to the customer.

Build engaging product pages

A good practice in ecommerce is to create engaging product pages to demonstrate the item’s characteristics to the customer in the brightest detail. How can you do this? Here are some tips.

  • Writing engaging product descriptions

When selling something online, you don’t have the opportunity to show the product directly to the customer. All you haven is words and pictures and that’s why having a persuasive product description is crucial.

Luckily for you, all Sellvia products come with professionally written and engaging product descriptions, so that part is taken care of for you.

  • Publish high-quality media materials

It’s understandable that online consumers want to see what they get for their money.

Thus, providing them with high-quality photos and even videos is essential to persuade them to make a purchase.

Similarly to the previous pont, all products come with high quality media materials that you can import to your online store in an instant.

As a result, all of these features will get you a highly-converting and at the same time engaging product page.

Price your jewelry 

Your pricing strategy is going to be decisive to your business’ success. There are a lot of factors that play into establishing the pricing of your jewelry.

Keep in mind that all the products you can find in the Sellvia catalog come with a recommended price for which you can sell the item. At the beginning states, this can help you set your pricing strategy. 

Nevertheless, when just starting out to establish your pricing, consider the original price of the product and whether or not you’re going to charge customers for shipping. If you are, add in how much it’ll cost them before they abandon their cart at checkout.

However, a common practice in ecommerce is to offer free shipping for your customers.

Besides, be sure to analyze the competition in the niche you have chosen and see how they’ve priced their jewelry to get a better understanding.

Here are some other questions you must consider:

Will you accept returns? What about refunds? What will you do if your jewelry breaks before your customer gets it? Have a backup plan in mind for freak accidents, and you’ll be good to go.

Build an impactful marketing strategy 


Like with everything else in the world, you need to help your potential customers find their way to your online store. This process involves establishing an online presence that stretches across multiple platforms.

Your online presence can help you collect personalization data to build a more on-target, relevant and enjoyable brand experience for your customers. So here’s some tips for you to create a great marketing strategy.

Check out our Academy to find out more on how to promote your online jewelry business! 

  • Establish a social media presence

Having an Instagram presence for selling jewelry online is a must. In addition, interconnecting it through other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube can also boost your online presence.

However, you don’t exactly need to be present on all social media platforms. Rather, pick several – build up each one, one at a time.


  • Create loyalty incentives

People give careful thought to what jewelry they are going to purchase. It can take several months before a shopper is ready to buy something from your store.

And considering that jewelry is a high-consideration purchase, shoppers may feel inclined to compare prices and items across different brands. A rewards or loyalty program creates an incentive for people to make their purchases with your company.

  • Launch an email campaign

Like we said earlier, it can take people some time before they are ready to purchase something from you. So, what you can do is incorporate an email campaign. Establishing a connection with your potential customers through email marketing can play a crucial role in communicating with shoppers interested in your jewelry brand and products.

A successful newsletter will be entertaining to read beyond being a sales pitch for your products. For this reason, it is important to communicate a clear value proposition for subscribing.

  • Set up a content marketing and SEO strategy

You can attract customers for free if you manage to set up an effective content marketing and SEO strategy.

To properly integrate search engine optimization or SEO, you’re going to need to identify keywords that are relevant to your brand and develop content, accordingly. This includes filling your website with various content in the form of articles, videos, images, infographics, descriptions, etc.

Overall this is an effective strategy in today’s world that will make your website visible in the search engines and attract customers for free!

  • Initiate paid advertising campaigns to build awareness of your and drive sales

With an established brand presence, your jewelry brand will be positioned for success using paid media advertising.

The idea is to participate in the digital advertising ecosystem to build awareness around your brand – and to re-engage audiences through the consideration process.

Platforms such as Facebook (which owns Instagram), Google (which owns YouTube) and Twitter provide options to purchase spots for advertising.

Keep in mind that there are many different advertising products available for different types of businesses. As a jewelry online store, to guarantee the biggest impact from your paid media investment, it will be important to make sure that you choose advertising solutions that support your revenue goals.

  • Incorporate reviews

Showing potential customers testimonials and reviews of real people who have already purchased from you can play a huge role in persuading new customers to buy your products.

After all, as ordinary people, we are naturally inclined to trust our peers for insights.

So, when considering purchasing a piece of jewelry, reviews can empower shoppers with a sense of confidence. Reviews are one of the most informative pathways to help ensure that we will be happy with what we’re buying.

Furthermore, you can integrate reviews into your marketing in various ways. Feature it on your website, create a hashtag campaign, highlight it in an email marketing campaign, and so on. The most impactful reviews include meaningful stories that are relatable and enjoyable to relieve.

Pro tips for selling jewelry online

pro tips to start selling Jewelry Online

Now that you have an estimation of how to start selling jewelry online, we’ve prepared a list of pro tips to keep your store up and running.

Hopefully, by implementing these tips into your business process and online store management, your online store will reach new heights and find success.

#1. Avoid Fake Products

Perhaps one of the most important tips if you’re planning to sell jewelry online is to avoid fake products. This way, you will keep you and your customers safe.

Spotting fake jewelry is easy, most of it can cause various skin problems. And if you’re caught selling fake products – you could have your entire online store shut down. Or even worse, face legal consequences!

So, consider this, would you rather buy items at a higher cost to please your customers (and keep your store up and running), or buy dirt cheap knock-off items and get tons of negative reviews?

We think it’s obvious, just stay away from fake products.


#2. Provide customers with a reason to choose you 

Differentiating yourself from the crowd is vital. Why should customers choose you instead of another online store?

It can be as simple as offering free returns or refunds. Consider this before you get started!

#3. Run Strategic Advertising Campaigns

Facebook ads can quickly become your best friends.

They allow you to target consumers according to certain demographics (age, gender, location, and even income). With it, you’ll be able to reach a multitude of people whether they’re currently connected to your business, or not.

#4. Consistently create content 

Consistency is key.

To keep your business in the loop it is important to share content on your social media daily!

This means you have to constantly post pictures, blog posts, and simple status updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

What kind of posts can you share? Anything from blog posts to product images and videos, from inspirational quotes to infographics and insights. It’s up to you and your imagination.

#5. What products to sell

Seeing as how big the jewelry industry is, one can easily get lost.

However, do not fear, we’ve prepared a whole article for you to see what kind of jewelry you can start selling with Sellvia.

Tips for selling jewelry online: wrapping it up

how to start selling Jewelry Online wrapping it up

Hopefully, by this point you have a better understanding of why you should start selling jewelry online, how to do it correctly, and what things you should avoid.

Now, it’s up to you to pursue your passion and make a living out of it! However, don’t be worried, by teaming up with Sellvia, your ecommerce business journey will be as easy and productive as possible. We will be there to help you learn and understand the world of ecommerce. And, we will make sure that you will have everything you need to create a successful online jewelry store.

Best of all – anyone can try it! You don’t need to invest large sums of money and have any specific skills.

Start for free and see where it takes you! Who knows, maybe this is the golden opportunity you’ve been waiting for to achieve a financially free and successful life!

Selling jewelry online can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools. However, with Sellvia, you get a unique opportunity to create your dream online business and launch a side-hustle that over time can grow into something much greater.


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