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What is a Secure Socket Layer or SSL?

Based on statistics, 176,577,458 SSL certificates were detected on the entire internet in 2022.

A secure socket layer or SSL helps authenticate and secure network connections.

An SSL creates a secure and encrypted link between the visitor on the website and the server on which the website is hosted. 

Ensuring that a website name is secured and the website visitors – be it the customers or prospects, are protected, is of prime importance.

This is now easy with the help of Secure Socket Layer a.k.a SSL.

What does SSL mean?

A SSL is a simple layer of protection that’s configured in a website, particularly when electronic communications are being sent or received.

Technically speaking, a SSL or secure socket layer works on the transport layer security (TLS).  It plays an even more important role when confidential transactions take place – for instance online payments. 

How to Identify a Secure Website with SSL Certificates?

Identifying a secure website is easy with just one glance on the browser’s address bar.

A website secured with SSL will start with ‘https’ instead of http. This deems the website as being SSL secure.

When a business wants to purchase a SSL, there would be three types of SSL certificates to choose from.

Domain Validated (DV) Certificates 

This type of SSL certificates ais the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to get a secure socket layer encryption for a website name.

A DV SSL works for all kinds of businesses – product website, basic online store, ecommerce business or blogs where sensitive customer information is not collected or is very minimal in nature.

To buy a https certificate, specifically for a DV SSL, a proof of ownership is required. Once shown, a certificate is typically issued within minutes.

After configuring a DV SSL, the website name starts displaying trust indicators in browsers like the padlock icon and the https:// before the website name. That is an indication of transport layer security being enabled.

Organization Validated (OV) Certificates 

An OV SSL is one step ahead of the DV certificates. Such a SSL is only issued when an an organization provides evidence of domain name ownership and a copy of business registration.

A secure socket layer connection on an organization’s flagship website name adds immense value to its authenticity.

An OV SSL is issued to a registered organization only. An OV SSL is one of the types of SSL certificates which cannot be bought by individuals.

It works best for business websites which capture very little or moderate amount of customer data / visitor information.

An OV SSL as transport layer security for heavy duty ecommerce business sites and online payment transactions is not enough.

Extended Validated (EV) Certificates 

An EV SSL offers the highest level of transport layer security. It is a SSL capable of handling confidential information such as financial transactions, sensitive visitor and customer data, user profiles, purchase history etc.

A EV SSL certificates is a must for businesses operating a commercial website with high visitor traffic and online payment systems.

Be it secure socket layer, TLS or transport layer security – an EV SSL ticks all the boxes.

Purchasing an EV SSL includes some additional steps as compared to an EV SSL or a DV SSL.

Along with the regular authentication requirements, there are other vetting process performed by SSL (secure socket layer) certificate providers which must be fulfilled before they issue an EV SSL.

Once issued and configured as a transport layer security tool, any visitor browsing an EV SSL protected website would see a green address bar.

It is a sign of the highest level of SSL, TLS or transport layer security being available on the website name.

For more information about types of SSL Certificate: What are the 3 types of SSL?

What Type of SSL Certificate Do I Need?

The type of SSL certificate needed depends on the website, the purpose, the volume and nature of visitor information that would be gathered in the website.

An ecommerce business, a product store, an online basic store, a blog, a service provider, a SSL certificate provider themselves have different transport layer security requirements to be fulfilled.

It is best to enquire with the SSL provider and consult them before buying https certificate.

Exabytes Malaysia has an experienced team of sales associates and technical personnel who understand SSL TLS and the SSL certificate meaning based on which an appropriate “buy” decision can be made.

Do I Need an SSL Certificate? 

Yes! An SSL is necessary to display security credentials to the rest of the world. (Webhosting providers include a very basic form of free SSL on their servers) .

Exabytes being a premium business web hosting provider configures advance security settings on their servers and also provide SSL certificates in Malaysia to suit every business.

What Does SSL Certificate Contain?

There are entities called Certificate Authorities (CA) who issue an SSL certificate. It contains a public key which enables the creation of secure socket layer between a web server and a web browser or a web client.

A secure web server with a strong transport layer security also has a private key that is kept secret and helps decrypt the data encrypted with the public key.

A private key and a public key together are the major constituents of a SSL certificate.

How to Get SSL Certificate for My Website?

To get SSL certificate for the website is very easy. Choose a professional, good web hosting best webhosting provider and buy SSL certificate. It is easily installed with the help of professional tech support.

It is essential to buy https certificate to help give a safe and secure consumer experience and helps boost SEO rankings.

At Exabytes, we offer online purchase of SSL certificates along with website security services and 24x7x365 tech support.

What is TLS or Transport Layer Security (TLS)?

Transport Layer Security or TLS, is a security protocol for privacy and data security for communications over the Internet.

A TLS is primarily used in encrypting the communication between web applications and servers.

A TLS also helps encrypt other communications such as business email, messaging, and voice over IP (VoIP).

For more information: Why TLS Security Protocol is Important?


Generally speaking – SSL TLS are both protocols that help in securely authenticating and transporting data on the Internet. TLS evolved from SSL or Secure Socket Layer.

Exabytes as a premium webhosting provider also offers SSL certificate as one of the many web hosting products.

Contact us to learn more about TLS and SSL. Our experts would be happy to spend time with you to explain SSL TLS transport layer security, different SSL meaning, and help you choose the most appropriate SSL security for your website name and business.

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