Exabytes and The LEAD: What It Means for Individuals and SMEs


Exabytes and The LEAD What It Means for Individuals and SMEs

How can you get your brand in front of more prospective customers online? Are you interested in learning digital marketing, web development and data science?

Exabytes and The LEAD have teamed up to help individuals and SMEs in acquiring new technology skills and get affordable hosting plans to kickstart their digitalisation journey. This partnership can mean new and faster growth for brands online of all industries and sizes!

What will Exabytes’ partnership with The LEAD bring you? What can you do to build a successful online presence? Contact us today to begin your digitalisation journey!

What Is The LEAD?

For anyone who is not familiar with The LEAD, let’s quickly bring you up to speed.

The LEAD is a tech institute for a person or business who wants to acquire new technology skills and knowledge to find a better career or to build successful businesses to reach a wider online audience.

In terms of technology skills, they refer to web development, app programming, digital marketing and data science, these are the skills that every individual needs to be the best in the industry.

How Exabytes and The LEAD Partnership Work?

Anytime a person or business wants to learn how to build a website, they need to purchase a domain name, which is the address of the website typed into the URL, for example, abcrestaurant.com, xyzcompany.com.

A simple explanation for you to know about how a domain name looks like:

Let’s take www.exabytes.my as example;




this refers to the third-level domain (World Wide Web). this refers to the second-level domain, usually it represents the name of the website. this is the ccTLD (Country-code top-level domain), also known as a domain name extension.

Read more about What is Domain Name.

Next and the most essential for a website is web hosting. Web hosting is where all of a website’s files are stored. When a visitor enters a domain name, the web hosting company sends all of that domain’s web files (all of a website’s pages) to the visitor’s browser.

Think of web hosting as a home and your domain name as your home address. Individuals and SMEs can have both taken care of simultaneously through Exabytes.

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Through this partnership, individuals and SMEs can gain 1 month free access to web hosting and your preferred domain, with compliments from Exabytes, for you to kickstart your digitalisation by building your online presence. You can now list and promote your business and services across the web globally at no cost.

Sign up for web hosting and get 1-month free

Those who sign up for Exabytes Web Hosting may receive up to RM800 off The LEAD online courses:

  • Data Science Uncut Bootcamp – RM 500 REBATE, to any upcoming cohort
  • Data Science 360 – FREE Predictive Analytics for Business People course (worth RM499)
  • Growth Marketing 360 – Free download “How to make seriously effective
  • Facebook Ads” PDF guidebook (worth RM197.00)
  • Full-Stack 360 – FREE Google Analytics Primer course (worth RM497)

Individuals and SMEs can choose to sign up for one course or all. It will be a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally, in terms of digital skills and knowledge.

Sign up for the online courses here.

Through this partnership, online consumers will have access to more options when searching for businesses, products and services, all while giving personal brands higher visibility across Google. This partnership will also allow SMEs to connect with a broader audience beyond their local areas.

Are You Ready to Kick-Start to grow your digital skills?

Here at Exabytes, we’re excited for the full support that Exabytes and The LEAD partnership can give throughout your digitalisation journey.

Click here to sign up for Exabytes’ web hosting now and enjoy up to RM800 off The LEAD online courses.


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