7 Overlooked AWS Costs That Can Ruin Your Budget


With the increasing workloads one moves to the cloud, sometimes it becomes difficult to forecast monthly cloud expenditures.

AWS cloud and other cloud providers help businesses avoid capital expenses for new hardware, but that doesn’t mean they are the best cost-effective judgments about the specific services that cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services and others offer.

While it’s good that one is paying for the services used like the AWS cloud, it requires an expertise of a CPA, a software engineer, a commodities trader who has a keen eye for detail when understanding the monthly bill.

This is because some cloud resources used for functions like high-performance, multiple-CPU instances, and high-volume storage repositories, quickly spike up the meter reading, thereby increasing the price.

This AWS pricing fluctuates regularly as the sellers continuously cut their costs to remain competitive, or provide several offers to stay at an edge beyond others.

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Let’s Answer What is AWS? (Amazon Web Services)

The AWS Cloud is Amazon’s comprehensive, cloud computing platform, which includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

The AWS cloud could provide companies with capabilities like computational power, database storage, and content delivery services.

Exabytes Malaysia provides Managed AWS solutions with six different functions.

Be it signing up for Amazon Web Services or managing AWS cost – businesses get expert support and consultation

How can you save AWS cost? 

Amazon Web Services has a wide range of offerings, the pricing choices allows businesses to successfully control expenses while maintaining a high performance and availability required.

The basic processes of AWS cost optimization, monitoring the AWS pricing and usage, analyzing the data to uncover savings, working towards achieving the savings remains the same.

Overlooked AWS Costs

How AWS Cloud cost is overlooked and the ways to overcome the challenge

Analyze the AWS charges using the Amazon Web Services Cost Explorer.

This application includes default reports that enable you to visualize the cost and consumption at a high level (for example, AWS accounts & services) or the resource level.

Look for Amazon EC2 instances that are underutilized and stop or downsize them to save money with the help of AWS Cost Explorer.

Resource optimization may be used to generate a summary of EC2 instances that are idle or underutilized to minimize their sizes.

Use AWS Instance Scheduler to automatically terminate instances and use Amazon Web Services Operations Conductor to resize EC2 instances.

Identify low-utilization Amazon EBS volumes and save money.

EBS volumes with minimal activity of less than 1 OPS per day in the span of 7 days implies not being much in use.

To find these volumes, use the ‘Trusted Advisor Underutilized Amazon EBS Volumes Check’. Take a picture of the volume if in case there is a need in the future before deleting it to save money.

The ‘Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager’ enables businesses to automate snapshot creation.

Analyze Amazon S3 consumption and save money by utilizing lower-cost storage tiers.

Analyze AWS storage access patterns on the object data set using S3 Analytics for at least 30 days.

This helps gather inputs on cost cutting by leveraging S3 Infrequently Accessed (S3 IA). One can automate the transfer to a cheaper storage tier by using Life Cycle Policies.

Identify low-utilization Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift instances.

Use AWS cloud RDS Idle DB instances check from ‘Trusted Advisor’ to discover DB instances that have not been connected in the last 7 days to terminate them.

Use ‘Trusted Advisor Underutilized Redshift clusters check for Redshift’ to find those clusters that have had no connections in the last 7 days and have had less than 5% cluster-wide average CPU usage of 99% in the last 7 days.

Reduce RDS, Redshift, ElastiCache, and Elasticsearch expenses by using Reserved Instances (RI).

Use one-year, no-money-down Reserved Instances to save up to 42% in the On-Demand pricing.

Use the AWS Cost Explorer’s suggestions on RI purchase.

These suggestions are based on RDS, Redshift, ElastiCache, and Elasticsearch consumption.

Ensure the AWS Cloud settings are set to one year with no prepayment option to ensure one year commitment with the payback period is usually seven to nine months.

Analyze Amazon DynamoDB consumption and save money by utilizing Autoscaling or On-demand.

Analyze the DynamoDB use in AWS Cloud by tracking two metrics: ‘Consumed Read Capacity Units’ and ‘Consumed Write Capacity Units’.

Make use of ‘Auto Scaling’ capability to automatically scale (in and out) the DynamoDB table.

One may go with the on-demand option which allows you to pay-per-request for reading and writing requests, allowing you to just pay for what you need and easily balance costs and performance.

Examine Networking and Cut Expense

Use ‘Trusted Advisor Idle Load Balancers Check’ to retrieve a list of load balancers that have had a request count of less than 100 in the previous 7 days.

Consider using AWS cloud Front if data transport from EC2 to the public internet is expensive.

Any image, video, or static online content may be cached at AWS edge sites across the world (CDN) using Amazon Cloud Front Content Delivery Network and this reduces the need to over-provision capacity to handle possible traffic surges.

It is possible to utilize Amazon Web Services at affordable pricing by using all above features to save costs.

Use of these tools have to be done very meticulously to not make it difficult for application teams to use the cloud system.

It is recommended to not experiment with AWS tools on your own but consult a team of experts when considering the purchase of AWS Cloud.

Exabytes is a leading played in AWS Malaysia that not only provides amazing guidance and technical support at all times but also allows business to enjoy perks like 3% discounts on monthly billing and many such benefits as part of AWS cloud and AWS pricing.

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