6 Telltale Signs to Switch Web Hosts Company Before Too Late


Reasons why switch web hosts

When it comes to launching a website, web hosting is one of the most important yet perplexing factors to consider.

A cursory search on the internet would give a list of web hosting companies in pretty much every city.

It can be difficult to cut through the clutter and determine which web host provides the best web hosting plan to choose from.

Fortunately, key indicators will signal when it’s time to switch website hosts.

While they may be unpleasant to deal with at the time, these challenges may lead you to a superior service provider like Exabytes, who may assist in increasing the success of your website.

It’s conceivable that a customer may have been having issues with their website hosting for some time now, but the web hosting company did not pay much attention to it.

This could trigger a thought of wanting to switch website and move to another hosting provider.

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6 Reasons You Need to Switch Your Web Hosting Provider

Here comes the question, can I move my website to another host?

If this question pops up in your mind, then the answer is yes. One can switch website provider when you notice these six issues.

1. There is more downtime than the usual

When the website is unavailable to users, it is said to be ‘down.’ Even if the site is just down for a few seconds, it might cause major issues. 

Website Downtime

For starters, if downtime makes the website look untrustworthy to both visitors and search engines, then it is better to switch website.

The Google algorithm will take this into consideration, and the search engine rankings will suffer as a result, reducing the exposure of the website.

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Furthermore, if the site earns revenue, one can lose money every time it goes down.

If the website is unavailable frequently or for extended periods of time, one could lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars because of an unreliable web hosting service.

Website uptime is of utmost importance when managing an online business.

This is why one should undertake a rigorous search and evaluate as many parameters as needed before choosing a website hosting company.

2. Checking the dependability and quality of the web hosting company

A website hosting company is expected to provide service above certain thresholds. For this, it is necessary to be located in a reputed and a rated 3 datacenter (at the minimum).

A good web hosting provider also offers 24x7x365 tech support, it is non-negotiable.

A really good web hosting company would almost never suffer from any malicious cyber-attacks or data security issues.

Cyber security is a fundamental promise of a web hosting provider.

If these are not being fulfilled by a webhost, then it is time to switch website hosting to another web hosting company.

3. The website takes too long to load

Site speed is also important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), user perception of the site, and conversion rate. 

While a congested web hosting server may surely slow the loading times, the location of server also influences how quickly the site sends information to users.

A good website hosting company would never have servers far away far from end users.

Website takes longer time

To find out if this is the case for your website, use Pingdom to test its performance from several regions.

If the site loads quickly in certain locations but takes a long time in others, one would know that the server location is causing speed difficulties for users in those areas and you could think of changing the web hosting company.

4. Ineffective Customer Service

A strong and stable connection with the web hosting server is invaluable.

If the web hosting company does not offer prompt customer service and consultation, it is a sign to switch website hosting. 

Ineffective customer service

A good web hosting company like Exabytes also provide assistance with other aspects of technical maintenance.

Many web hosting firms offer troubleshooting assistance for various sorts of issues on the website, as well as help for platforms such as WordPress.

Switch website to a different provider if your web hosting company is difficult to contact, gives poor solutions, or does not provide help in areas directly linked to the web hosting account.

Look for a dependable staff or customer support in case of a need for assistance on server related issues at any given time.

5. More space is required than what the current web hosting company provides

Most websites begin tiny and gradually expand in size.

The current website hosting company may have been ideal when the site originally launched but with rising traffic.

However, it could so happen that the current web hosting company is unable to support a growing business and its web hosting demands.

With the growth of site popularity, one may want a server that is scalable and can manage more traffic and larger website files.

Moving from shared to dedicated web hosting might be beneficial, but moving web hosting company can typically bring a bigger gain.

It is essential to evaluate a web hosting company on the basis of their web hosting plans being offered by them.

6. It’s getting expensive to stay with current web hosting company 

Web hosting is an ongoing cost which also is one of the most expensive part of maintaining a website, especially for WordPress users who utilize a free Content Management System (CMS) with free plugins and themes.

With a shared web hosting plan, one gets limited resources from a web hosting company.

Sometimes, these may be enough. At other times, what’s being offered by the web hosting service provider may not be sufficient. 

If the website is still small and is not using the server space that one is paying for, or if the current web hosting company package includes multiple services that one never uses, one is definitely overpaying.

When all the above signs are observed, it is recommended to switch website by changing the web hosting company to leading providers like Exabytes.

Exabytes offers quick hosting transfer – Switch2Us Program with considerable discount with their web hosting plans, simple transfer steps, and more.

Connect with our team to learn more on what best is available for you.

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