Service Desk vs Helpdesk vs ITSM Explained


Service desk vs. Helpdesk vs. ITSM

Keeping track of all the pertinent procedures, frameworks, instruments, and acronyms may be challenging without applications like FreshDesk.

Three crucial terminologies connected to IT assistance that is frequently muddled, misinterpreted or abused among the myriad esoteric IT helpdesk phrases used worldwide are

  1. Service desk or IT service desk
  2. Helpdesk or IT help desk
  3. ITSM IT service management

Big corporations’ extensive adoption of ITIL led to a rise in the use of the phrase “service desk” to describe an organization’s IT helpdesk capabilities.

If you have known the freshdesk support, you know how easy it gets for the service desk.

According to a HDI 2015 Support Center Practices & Salary Report, the word “service desk” is used by 36% of businesses.

On the other hand, 23% refer to their assistance centers as “IT help desks.”

What is a Service Desk?

Service desk

Service desks are described as “the single point of interaction between the service provider and the users” by ITIL.

A typical service desk conducts contact with users in addition to managing problems and service requests.

In other words – A service desk, like a Freshdesk, is a hub for communication where clients of IT help desk providers. These could be staff members or other stakeholders who are trying to seek assistance.

As stated in the ITIL service desk definition, the purpose of a service desk is to provide clients with high-quality service in a timely manner as stated in the ITIL service desk definition.

Applications may take the form of incident resolution or service request fulfilment.

Numerous ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) tasks are frequently included at service desks.

For instance, a service desk often includes ITSM tasks like reporting, self-service, knowledge management, incident management, and service request management.

Additionally, there are frequently close connections between problem- and change-management procedures in Fresh Desk.

An IT service desk offers self-service for clients who wish to handle events swiftly and independently, as well as analytics on the efficiency of the team and the helpdesk tool. It also helps clients with incident resolution or service request management.

Service desk software aim to provide service desk functions with top-notch reliability, service-focused, and customer-centric method of providing assistance from IT to clients.

What is a Helpdesk?

Help desk

A “helpdesk” is a narrower phrase than a “service desk.”

Instead of concentrating on resolving end-user issues, the IT help desk considers the company’s or enterprise’s demands as a whole and the larger business environment.

A helpdesk, like Fresh Desk, is referred to as “the Single Point of Contact between the Service Provider and the Service Consumer” in ITIL V3.

An IT help desk is “a collection of people who give support and information generally for electronic or computer difficulties.”

The essential term that’s absent in this description is “customer,” which may make it appear at first glance that there is little distinction between helpdesks and service desks.

While an IT help desk’s primary objective is to merely resolve problems, a service desk’s primary objective is to provide service to its clients or users.

In contrast to helpdesks, service desks place a greater focus on client satisfaction and service delivery.

Additionally, service desks handle the broader range of operations that were indicated above, whereas helpdesks are sometimes restricted to a specific ITSM function (particularly issue management or the break-fix process).

IT help desks are thus, in a sense, a subset of service desks.

What is ITSM? (Information Technology Service Management)

IT help desk staff simply manage the end-to-end delivery of IT services to clients through helpdesk service management, often known as ITSM.

This comprises all of the procedures and actions required to plan, produce, present, and provide IT help desk services. The idea that IT should be provided as a service is at the heart of ITSM.

People frequently mistake ITSM for simple IT support or an IT help desk because of their regular interactions with IT.

On the other hand, ITSM teams are in charge of managing every type of office technology, from laptops to servers to mission-critical software programs.

According to ITIL, the most frequently used framework or method for ITSM, ITSM typically comprises many basic processes.

Just a handful of those IT help desk procedures are listed below:

  • IT asset management
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Change management
  • Service request management
  • Knowledge management

The Importance of IT HelpDesk & Service Desk Equipment

The IT helpdesk is a software platform that assists users in resolving issues through a single (or many) point of contact.

Employees and IT team members can use help desks to solve problems, track issues, and seek support with products, services, or procedures.

The correct service desk software like FreshDesk for your firm is essential if your team adopts the IT help desk strategy since it forms the basis of ITSM.


Customers and the IT help desk communicate through the service desk.

Of course, a service desk solution has to have capabilities like knowledge management and reporting, but you also want a helpdesk like FreshDesk that’s simple to use and set up, promotes collaboration, and adapts to your needs.

In this manner, your IT staff can swiftly provide valuable help to the company.

Even if a tech support team adopts the IT help desk method, it’s essential to have a solution that allows you to keep track of issues as they arise and who is handling them.

Your IT helpdesk staff can work more transparently, collaboratively, and effectively with a dedicated helpdesk solution.


The shift from the IT helpdesk to the service desk in vocabulary and practice demonstrates the increasing importance of service and strategy in IT.

Your team requires the proper procedures and equipment in order to transition to the IT helpdesk as a service.

Applications like FreshDesk from FreshWorks are a big help.


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