10 Best Email Marketing Tools to Build Customer Engagement


email marketing tools for build customer engagement

According to a report released by Statista, the revenue generated from email marketing is expected to reach almost 11 billion by the end of 2023

This blog will look at everything you need to know about email marketing tools to build customer engagement.

How Email Marketing Tools Revolutionized Customer Engagement

Email marketing is a process that is used to provide information and send out relevant messages to your consumers. These messages could be related to your products or services.

Communication with customers is enhanced through such methods in which appropriate tools and techniques are used. 

Email marketing tools are effective tools used to promote the services and products of businesses. It is an effective marketing tool where emails are used to create a connection with customers and enhance business growth. 

Email marketing tools must be selected properly, as they are integral to business growth and development. Email marketing tools and software are used specifically for B2B and B2C emails for enhanced business outcomes. 

Incorporating the right Email marketing strategies help generate better leads that are required for improved functioning. Technological developments have helped incorporate the latest features concerning creating, sending, and optimizing emails. 

According to a report by Databox, 33% of marketers send emails on a weekly basis and 26% send emails multiple times in a month. 

Email campaigns are utilized as an effective email marketing strategy with the help of skilled service providers. Therefore, looking for a professional email marketing service that offers high-quality solutions is important.

How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Tool for Your Needs?

Email marketing tools are integral in developing businesses where customer interaction is important.

The features in each email marketing tool need to be analyzed before choosing the right one, as each business function uniquely.

The services provided by the best email marketing service providers, can be utilized to engage and make sales using email marketing.

The factors to be considered for choosing the right email marketing tools are the following: 

1. Understand the nature of email 

One of the main factors considered while choosing an email marketing tool is the nature of email. The tool needs to be used based on the purpose of the email created for engaging with customers.

2. Choose important features 

Each email marketing tool has specific and unique features that can help fulfill specific functions. To understand the appropriate tool, it is important to choose apt features before selecting the email marketing tool.

3. Cost-effectiveness 

The affordability of a particular service or email marketing tool must be considered to ensure the smooth functioning of processes. Cost-effective methods and tools must be chosen based on business functions to maintain balanced growth.

4. Ease of use 

The method of using each email marketing tool varies based on the type of features and other components incorporated in it.

Choosing a tool that can be used easily without many complications is important. Customers incline more toward easily accessible tools and techniques.

5. Responsive customer support 

An email marketing tool relies mostly on business functions for proper regulation and fulfillment of business needs.

The availability of service providers who can offer apt email marketing tools when required plays an important role in the overall process.

10 Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Email marketing strategies and plans are developed based on business functions to get the desired outcomes.

Businesses focus on the best email marketing service providers to ensure the smooth functioning of operations. 

The enhancement of email marketing services can be done using quality email marketing tools and techniques.

The use of specific tools which can help in producing desired outcomes and the ten best email marketing tools for small businesses are the following: 



Diverse businesses rely on SendinBlue to develop engaging emails. It is an effective email marketing software.

It is undergoing continuous developments through the incorporation of the latest features, so you can look out for the best features to come soon.


Omnisend email marketing

Omnisend is one of the effective email marketing tools focused mainly on small businesses and helps create quality emails.

Numerous templates and editing tools make it apt for enhanced customer engagement. 


mailchimp email marketing

Mailchimp has been known as one of the best email marketing tools for a long time, with high-performance features. The plans offered to customers through Mailchimp help in effective usage, fulfilling customer needs and requirements. 


Businesses focused on e-commerce websites are inclined towards Drip software, a powerful email marketing tool.

The enhanced customer support offered through Drip makes it one of the most preferred tools for development. 


B2B businesses can utilize services offered through the utilization of the Hubspot tool. Various benefits of Hubspot, like high visual appeal, powerful CRM, and so on, encourage customers to utilize the same. 


It is an email marketing tool that helps segment and provides customized services. ActiveCampaign helps connect with varied groups of customers and enhances organizational effectiveness.


Klaviyo is an email marketing tool focused on eCommerce sites providing enhanced template quality and facilitating performance evaluation.

Various e-commerce businesses across the globe utilize Klaviyo services today.


MailerLite is one of the best email marketing tools that can enhance customer traffic through marketing features.

It is a cloud-based tool that ensures email marketing solutions and services as per business needs. 


Small businesses can create emails easily using the Flodesk email marketing tool, which provides attractive features.

It provides a free trial feature to test various functions associated with it, along with other templates and designs. 

Campaign Monitor

Customers prefer customized emails as it helps to establish enhanced engagement and interaction with service providers.

Service providers ensure enhanced integrations and prioritize customer satisfaction throughout the processes. 


Customer engagement and improvement of interaction with customers is the main motive behind the introduction of email marketing tools.

Strategies for email campaigns and other advanced operations help in enhanced organization and structured development.

Exabytes offer numerous benefits concerning email marketing through beneficial features like automation, template libraries, etc. You can approach us for any query or issue concerning email marketing processes.

Go ahead and explore the email marketing services today! Contact us now!

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