#AWEWE Seizing the moment and letting courage and resilience guide us to triumph


We’re thrilled to announce that the 2023 edition of the Accelerate Women Entrepreneurship of Exabytes (AWEWE) has wrapped up, and boy, was it a smashing success!

As we bid farewell to the AWEWE  2023 conferences, our spirits are soaring higher than ever. It’s been an absolutely incredible day filled with eye-opening conversations, empowering tales, and a fantastic sense of camaraderie. We’ve not only gained knowledge but also built valuable connections and swapped some awesome ideas about how women-led businesses are rocking the worlds of cybersecurity and tech transformation.

Let’s give a huge shoutout to our amazing speakers, attendees, and sponsors who made #AWEWE 2023 an absolute hit. Together, we’re steering the ship towards a brighter future for women in entrepreneurship!

Speaking of partners, big kudos to organisations like SheLeadsTech and ISACA (Co-Organisers), Acronis, 10X 1000 Tech for Inclusion, CIMB Bank, LARK, and many more including SG Women In Tech, Digital For Life, the Infocomm Media Development Authority, Penang State EXCO for Social Development and Non-Islamic Affairs – you all rock!

Now, let’s dive into some of the key takeaways from the conference:

During the few captivating real-life story-sharing sessions, we delved into multifaceted insights. We learned not only how to confidently embrace GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance) roles, even without a prior IT background but also how women hailing from diverse backgrounds and income levels can seamlessly transition into flexible employment options, effectively harmonising their home and work responsibilities. The power of community and the tireless dedication of volunteers shone brightly as they came forward to support women in need, nurturing their businesses to expand revenue streams and provide for their families. Additionally, we explored the art of crafting a compelling personal brand and crafting our unique narratives, empowering us to leave a lasting mark on our entrepreneurial journeys. This session was a treasure trove of inspiration, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of women in the pursuit of success.

1. Face Challenges Head-On: In the first panel discussion, the panellists drove home the point that we should tackle challenges head-on instead of dwelling on doubts. They reminded us that with the right attitude, we can conquer any hurdle that comes our way.

2. Work-Life Balance is Key: Finding that elusive work-life balance was another hot topic. Speakers encouraged us to set clear goals and prioritise what truly matters to us without any apologies. It’s totally doable to strike a balance between personal and professional life, as long as we’re clear about our boundaries.

3. Crush Imposter Syndrome: Imposter syndrome and self-doubt were called out and kicked to the curb in the second panel discussion.  The insightful panellists not only acknowledged that these feelings are totally a normal part of the journey but also emphasised that they shouldn’t hinder our progress. They urged us to recognise our own capabilities and push our limits. With self-belief and determination, we can chase our dreams relentlessly and achieve greatness.

Additionally, the discussion highlighted the importance of authenticity, urging us to remain true to ourselves amidst the challenges we face. It underscored the significance of strategic thinking, reminding us that while we live in the present, it’s crucial to plan for the future continually.

Furthermore, a resounding message emerged – never allow others to dictate your path, and strive for independence. The panellists stressed the value of taking control of our destinies, making decisions based on our own aspirations and forging a path that alights with our unique vision.

Now, let’s sprinkle in some more insights:

Cybersecurity and Risk Management: The conference delved into vital topics in the likes of “How to Protect Your Online Business from Ransomware” and “Designing a TPRM (Third-Party Risk Management) Programme for Situational Awareness.” These discussions armed attendees with powerful insights on safeguarding their businesses in the digital age.

Inspiring Future Women Leaders: We picked up five essential hacks to inspire the next generation of women leaders:

  • Leading by Example
  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset
  • Building a Supportive Community
  • Providing Skill Development Opportunities
  • Encouraging Boldness and Risk-Taking

And speaking of challenges, the tech industry’s ‘bro culture’ is a tough nut to crack. Sharing stories about overcoming these challenges not only brings healing but also inspires future female founders. Recognising the importance of men as allies, not adversaries, was a central theme. Mentors and advocates play a crucial role in bridging the gender gap and fostering a more inclusive tech community.

Moreover, the conference lit a spark about the potential of AI (Artificial intelligence). Attendees were encouraged to embrace AI as a way to reach new heights in their respective fields. It’s like having a superpower to revolutionise the way we work.

Lastly, the spirit of collaboration and support among women entrepreneurs was front and centre. The conference reminded us that we should champion each other, harness our collective power, and create a society that celebrates success and inclusivity.

In a nutshell, the AWEWE conferences gave women entrepreneurs an inspiring platform to soak up valuable insights and strategies for personal and professional growth. By taking these nuggets of wisdom to heart, they can embark on a transformational journey toward unlocking their full potential and contributing to a more inclusive and successful society on the digital stage.

As part of AWEWE 2023’s mission to share knowledge and resources, Exabytes is generously opening its Digital Toolkit to all women entrepreneurs.
You can access it at SG: www.exabytes.sg/awewe | MY: www.exabytes.my/awewe. This toolkit is a treasure trove of nearly $5,000 | RM10,000 worth of digital essentials that will give you a fantastic boost on your entrepreneurial journey.

So, if you’re ready to kickstart your journey, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Apply for the AWEWE Digital Toolkit at:
SG: www.exabytes.sg/awewe
MY: www.exabytes.my/awewe

Let’s keep rocking and rolling, ladies! #WomenWeCan


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