Empowering Growth: MobilityOne’s Experience with Exabytes


Empowering Growth: MobilityOne's Experience with Exabytes

In the dynamic realm of digital transactions, reliability and seamless experiences reign supreme. Embracing this ethos, MobilityOne Limited, a prominent player in Malaysia’s electronic transaction solutions sector, turned to Exabytes as their trusted hosting partner.

Introducing MobilityOne

Nestled in Jersey and proudly listed on AIM of the London Stock Exchange, MobilityOne Limited spearheads the provision of electronic transaction solutions across Malaysia. Their forte lies in seamlessly connecting service providers with consumers through various channels, including mobile phones, the Internet, and banking platforms.

With two primary business pillars, MobilityOne has erected a robust payment ecosystem, boasting over 2,000 retail points and strategic alliances with eight banks, collectively serving more than 10 million account holders. Their innovative approach to electronic transactions has earned them praises in the industry, positioning them as pioneers in facilitating seamless financial interactions across diverse platforms.

For further insights into MobilityOne’s groundbreaking initiatives and transformative solutions, explore their website at www.mobilityone.com.my.

The Flourishing Partnership: More Than A Decade of Trust

In addition to the robust technical support provided by Exabytes, another cornerstone of our partnership with MobilityOne is the provision of well-documented online guides to give hand-holding support to the team at MobilityOne when needed. These guides serve as invaluable resources, offering comprehensive documentation and step-by-step tutorials on various aspects of web hosting, email management, and digital infrastructure setup.

Exabytes understands that empowering our clients with knowledge is just as crucial as providing technical assistance. Therefore, we have curated a vast repository of online guides tailored to MobilityOne’s specific needs and requirements. Whether it’s configuring email accounts, setting up SSL certificates, or optimising website performance, our online guides provide clear instructions and best practices to streamline the process.

Experienced and Efficient Support from Exabytes Technical Team

MobilityOne commends Exabytes for their experienced and efficient technical support team. According to MobilityOne, the Exabytes support team demonstrated a profound understanding of their requirements and a commitment to helping clients succeed. Their prompt responses and proactive approach ensure that any issues are swiftly addressed, minimising downtime and keeping businesses running smoothly. MobilityOne is confident knowing that whenever they encounter a challenge, the Exabytes technical support team is just a click or call away, ready to provide expert assistance and personalised solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Competitive Hosting Plan Pricing Compared to Competitors

MobilityOne appreciates Exabytes for its competitive hosting plan pricing.

MobilityOne informed that Exabytes’ hosting packages offer exceptional value for money compared to other industry players. Especially for web hosting, Exabytes provides flexible plans that accommodate varying budgets and requirements. MobilityOne notes Exabytes’ commitment to transparency – with no hidden fees or unexpected charges – allowing them to budget effectively without any surprises. With Exabytes, MobilityOne enjoys top-notch hosting services at prices that won’t break the bank, giving them a competitive edge in the online marketplace while maximising their return on investment.

Experience Digital Growth with Exabytes

MobilityOne’s journey with Exabytes is a testament to the power of strong partnerships in driving digital growth. They encourage businesses to embark on their digital journey with Exabytes and experience firsthand the unparalleled support and expertise Exabytes brings to the table.

Contact us today to explore how Exabytes’ tailored solutions can empower your business’ digital growth and foster triumph in the digital domain. Together, let us unlock new realms of possibilities and chart a course towards unparalleled success in the digital era.


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