Expand Online Business Successfully with a Great Website


Expand Online Business Successfully with great website

Today, with numerous social media platforms on the internet, billions of people are engaging with one another online every day. Thanks to digitalisation and the fun and entertainment offered by these platforms, people are spending most of their time on the Internet. People who visit these platforms can easily connect with different people online, share information, read news, and do many other things such as shopping for their favourite products and services. 

For smart business owners, this can be a goldmine. As the majority of people spend their time online, businesses can leverage this opportunity by taking their brand online and reaching a larger audience. Having a website is similar to owning a virtual store in the digital world; it can help in enhancing a business’s online presence and making it more competitive in the market.

Sales increased by 40% after building a business website

Zheelyn Collection has been operating in Malaysia for the past ten years strictly on Instagram. They sell original brand wristwatches at affordable prices.

Before they launched their website, Zheelyn Collection ran their company on Instagram. However, they had an issue on Instagram, and lost 29.5k followers as a result. The incident made them realize that they need a website to ensure that their business is constantly available online. Moreover, they need a platform where they can have complete control over their business operations without fear of losing their customers.

After they created and ran their business website, the revenue climbed by 40% and they gained 15% of new consumers via their website. The ease of purchasing directly from the website coupled with the flexibility provided by the payment gateway have effectively turned website visitors into customers.

Building a Great Website for your business

Start Now and Build a Website for Your Business

It’s never too late to start a website for your company. A website serves as an online home for your company. So start creating one today to expand and grow your online presence! 

Are you still wondering WHY you need a website for your business, and what are the solutions available for building a website?  

In the upcoming webinar, we will be pleased to walk you through the importance of having a website for your business and the useful tips for building an effective one!

Event Details:

📅 Date:24 Feb 2022

⏰ Time:10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

📍   Venue: ZOOM


10.00 am – 11.30 am | Building a Great Website for Your Business

✅Why Strengthen Online Presence with E-Commerce Website

✅Things You Need To Know About E-Commerce Websites

✅Tips for Choosing the Right Domain

✅How Do I Search a Domain Name?

✅Know Different Ways to Build a Website

✅Get a Website Built For You with a Powerful Website Builder

11.30 am – 12.00 pm | Networking Session

Join the workshop now to learn the tips on how to build your very own website!


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