What Industries Are Most Vulnerable to CyberAttacks in Malaysia?


The necessity for defence against cyber security threats grows along with the continuous advances in technology. Stronger technology provides hackers and cyber attackers with more effective tools with which they can initiate a cyberattack.

Cyber security threats might be more intense and common in some businesses than in others. To protect their data, such sectors require the latest cybersecurity solutions.

This is due to the possibility that these industries may provide cyber attackers with more useful information.

Top 7 Malaysian Industries most vulnerable to cyberattack

1# Small businesses

Data protection standards for small and medium-sized firms are lower than those for bigger organizations. They are therefore more susceptible to possible data theft and cyber attacks.

Additionally, smaller companies typically lack the resources necessary to combat cyber security threats and fully recover from the damage of a cyberattack.

When a major company’s user data is stolen by a cyber attack, it typically has pre-planned actions that it has to take to win back consumers’ trust.

However, smaller companies are typically not ready for such catastrophes.

2# Healthcare 

health care

One sector that has some of the most private data that hackers may access through cyberattack is the healthcare sector.

According to statistics, the elderly and sick people are considerably easier prey for cyber attacks and theft.

Hackers are attempting to gain access through cyber attacks to patients’ private data so they may successfully control the patients.

Being a healthcare employee involves more than just having good diagnostic and therapeutic skills.

Although that is a medical facility’s main goal, qualified physicians and nurses also inform their patients about cyber security threats like social engineering assaults to keep them from falling into traps.

The best cyber security procedures must be used to secure healthcare information. Data must be kept on private, secure servers that are only minimally accessible.

3# eCommerce


eCommerce companies need to maintain a lot of consumer data in order to process orders and send goods.

This data consists of contact details such as phone numbers, emails, and addresses, as well as financial data.

Cyber attackers might obtain all of that information and sell it to con artists, crooks, and social engineers if they are able to get past the cyber security threat safeguards. A cyber attack on a database belonging to an e-commerce site might endanger hundreds of thousands of consumers.

The bulk of cyberattacks start with something as simple as a phone call to a number that has been leaked. A phone number that gets out and ends up in a scammer’s database will soon appear in the contact lists of many other cyber attackers.

4# Government

According to a report by The Malaysian Insight, recent cyber security threats in government agencies demonstrated that Malaysia was not prepared for a cyber attack.

The largest collection of public data is kept in government databases. The quantity of private information that governments hold on individuals is enormous.

This data includes, but is not limited to, contact details, addresses, biometrics like fingerprints and face data, financial details, and much more. Such a database leak might be a big cyber security issue. 

Someone was able to break into the NSA’s systems through a cyber attack in 2016, and the result was very bad for national security.

Although such cyber security threats are rare and nations have good cyberattack policies, the NSA attack in 2016 is undoubtedly not the last.

Strong cyber security threat measures must be implemented to prevent the possibility of cyber attackers accessing the data of millions of individuals.

5# Finance


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that financial institutions contain a wealth of useful information for cybercriminals.

These organizations collect and preserve data specifically pertaining to money, which is what cyber attackers are primarily after.

The data of more than 150 million Americans was compromised by the Equifax cyber attack hack.

Even if the institute’s incompetence played a major role, we should nonetheless take cyber security issues seriously to stop these types of cyber attacks in the future.

It goes without saying that financial institutions should implement the newest cyber security threat prevention tools and techniques while also using the most effective cyber attack security precautions.

Despite this trend, Malaysian banks have been slow to implement adequate security measures to protect their customers from cyberattacks.

6# Energy and utility institutions

Institutions in the energy and utilities sectors are likewise at a significant risk of cyberattacks.

These cyber security threats are mostly the result of ransomware, in which cyber attackers demand a significant amount of money in exchange for restoring access to the original, authorized users.

The US outage of the Colonial Pipeline in 2021 serves as an illustration of this. The main gasoline pipeline in America was breached by cyber attackers in May 2021, who then requested money to relinquish control of it.

Due to this, the whole East Coast had a gas shortage. This was a bad cyber security issue for the nation and might result in significant financial or national losses.

7# Construction Industry

The human factor an organization’s most susceptible components. This is especially true and proven with the rise in phishing being a significant reason for cybersecurity breach.

As a  cyberattack methods, cyber criminals prefer phishing more than some of the other cyber attack techniques.. According to a phishing research, the construction industry is the one with the most vulnerability to phishing assaults.

Ransomware and malware taking aim at construction businesses are very dangerous because highly private designs, blueprints, bids, financial information, and even personally identifiable information (PII) are frequently maintained on a single system.

Companies that face cyber security threats suffer not only financial losses but also long-term consequences such as lost sales and negative press.

Throughout the construction process, construction companies should invest in cybersecurity software such as Acronis Cyber Protect to prevent cyber security issues.


The effects of a cyberattack are extensive and may have a significant, lasting impact on everyone.

To prevent these types of cyberattacks, these vulnerable industries must enlist the help of experts to get cyber security tools like Acronis Cyber Protect.

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