Top 10 Alternatives (Similar) for Mailchimp Transactional Emails


mailchimp transactional emails alternatives

Transactional emails are among the important and strategic marketing needs for new-age businesses.

Globally there are many studies indicating the importance and success rate of transactional emails solutions for customer engagement and marketing.

Many email providers are offering service support for transactional emails solutions. 

Mailchimp is one of the front runners in the transactional emails domain, and there are many other email providers too offering quality services and features as in Mailchimp. 

Top 10 alternatives for transactional emails solutions. 

1. Sendinblue 

sendiblue transactional emails

Among the front runners as an alternative to Chimpmail transactional emails solutions, the email provider Sendinblue is an affordable and user-friendly range of email marketing software.

It can be supportive to businesses as an all-in-one marketing and sales-related solution. Other common features integral to Sendinblue are CRM, shared inbox, SMS marketing, and chat solutions offered as internal features by email providers.

Some of the key advantages of Sendinblue are

  • Email deliverability infrastructure is sound and easy to manage
  • Pricing is based on the email volume and not based on the contacts
  • Transactional emails are an integral part of every plan in the offerings.

The platform is multichannel and is available for service in six different languages. 

2. Mooseend 

Mooseend is another email marketing solution that is a good alternative to transactional emails and is an affordable email provider.

It is one of the well-known email providers offering an automation platform for transactional emails.

In comparison to the Mailchimp solutions, there are certain feature limitations like native integrations and multichannel marketing scope.

However, the available features of Mooseend email providers can be useful for successful email campaigns.

The affordability of Mooseend is its advantage for transactional emails solutions. It is a lot cheaper compared to Mailchimp, and it can be a resourceful email provider for SMBs.

3. ConvertKit

ConverKit Email Provider

Positioned in the market as an email marketing platform the service offerings from Convertkit as an email provider is a reasonable service for transactional emails.

This email provider service is more resourceful for creative segments like bloggers, YouTubers, artistic solutions, and other such creative businesses.

Convertkit’s email marketing tools are optimized for catering the end-user expectations.

Some of the key advantages of this transactional emails service provider are

  • It does not charge for the same subscriber data in different lists
  • Managing multiple signup forms and content assets is a feasible solution and it supports content upgrades effectively
  • Migration supports free of cost for over 5000 subscriber’s package

4. HubSpot

This is one of the most popular email providers offering transactional emails.

HubSpot’s email marketing service is a holistic integration of automation and marketing tools integrated into one system.

Also, many other integral features of HubSpot can be resourceful for the personalized audience.

HubSpot is one of the resourceful alternatives in the case of marketing automation, email providers can manage the customer database, automated creation of support tickets, and conditional logic.

Additional features offered by email providers HubSpot are popups, live chat ad management, and landing pages.

HubSpot CRM supports managing sales and customer service solutions to handle the cross-functional customer experience.

5. MailerLite

MailerLite Transactional email

Another affordable email provider offering transactional emails services is MailerLite which is a simple and intuitive email solution. 

The user interface from MailerLite is easier and it can help businesses to manage transactional emails campaign solutions more effectively.

Two distinct subscription models are available wherein one is paid, and the other is a free service offering. 

A few of the solutions like drag-and-drop editor features, time zone scheduling, and auto resend features are integral to the email providers‘ service offerings. 

The lightweight model of the MailerLite is highly effective and a good affordable solution. 

6. Klaviyo

Klaviyo’s solution of email marketing service is about customized email provider service offering for eCommerce and can be easily integrated into Shopify kind of eCommerce solutions.

The advanced analytics and insights into the system are highly useful for businesses to adjudge the transactional emails process outcomes and analyze more of the customer data.

By the dimension of the analytical feature, Klaviyo is a rich solution resourceful as the best Mailchimp alternative.

Some of the key integral solutions offered by Klaviyo are

  • Granular segmentation option, supporting a determination of CLV (customer lifetime value) and risk of churn.
  • Pre-built templates supporting automation workflows
  • ROI analysis over the transactional emails marketing

7. AWeber

One of the early entrants in the email providers segment, AWeber is a popular email marketing solution offering services suitable for bloggers, start-ups, and SMBs.

It offers wider options of email templates as part of its transactional email solutions. It also has the scope for email automation and customization as necessary.

The all-inclusive pricing model is one of the simple and quality service models that support handling the email marketing campaign and addressing the segmentation issues using the A/B testing models.

The customer support system of AWeber is handy and can be useful for managing WordPress plugins, signup forms, and RSS to emails.

8. Active Campaign 

Active Campaign’s email marketing tool is an integrated solution handling marketing software requirements all-in-one as an email provider for SMBs.

The scope of personalization for emails using contact data is the value-added service available in the solution. 

It can split tests up into distinct email versions for managing the performance analysis.

The other key feature is its spam tester’s ability to identify if the email campaigns are hitting the spam box. 

9. Twilio SendGrid 

Twillio CMS Sendgrid email provider

Twilio SendGrid among the widely known alternatives supporting the integration, and focused solutions for a different set of transactional emails requirements.

Integration has supported large companies in managing their email campaign and transactional emails process. 

Twilio SendGrid has a solution resourceful for businesses of all sizes and offers the scope of easy automation, email testing, and a customized email template builder.

10. Omnisend

Omnisend Positions are supporting eCommerce businesses in managing their email campaign potentially and working better for online stores.

In addition to email marketing, the email provider also supports SMS marketing solutions.

The functionality features of Omnisend are highly resourceful for companies, though the pricing is a bit higher than other alternatives.

For more information on transactional emails, and to have good alternatives chosen other than Mailchimp, contact Exabytes Malaysia for details and subscription services as email providers.

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Transactional Email Service

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