Why You Should Target The US Ecommerce Market


The ecommerce industry provides a unique opportunity to target lots of potential markets. Today, we would like to talk about one that stands out among the others, the United States market. We will uncover what makes this market so great, and why your business can succeed in engaging with the US audience.

So, why sell to the USA? 

A general overview of the US ecommerce market

Nowadays, online shopping is very popular among consumers worldwide, especially in the United States. This market has everything an ecommerce seller is looking for: a large audience, high purchasing power, high level of internet penetration, and advanced technology.

It’s evident that the American market presents itself as a promising business opportunity. Now, let’s look at some of the numbers that confirm this.

According to the latest information provided by Statista, in 2022, there were a total of 268 million buyers in the US. And in the coming years, this number will continue to increase. By 2025, it will amount to 285 million. With such a large audience, any newcomers can join this industry, find a target market, and stay competitive.

Moreover, the US market holds the top position in this ecommerce market rating. The rating evaluates multiple factors such as the average revenue per shopper, logistics, number of online shoppers, etc.

us ecommerce market statistics

The total retail ecommerce revenue in 2022 amounted to $905 billion. Moreover, by 2027, the total online retail sales growth number in the US is expected to reach $1.7 trillion, showcasing the incredible sales growth in the online industry.

What do the total online retail ecommerce sales mean for your future business? Shoppers are going to continue to purchase things online, so the demand is going to be over the roof for various online products and services. Thus, it’s up to you to provide them with high-quality items and take a piece of all the online sales.  

In terms of Internet penetration (91.8% in 2022), the United States is one of the global leaders. Analysts expect this number to grow to 95% by 2027. What this means is that new online users will appear and are highly likely to try online shopping.

Essentially, as long as you choose the right audience to aim at and properly promote the products – you have a chance to create a successful business.


Still, to properly sell to US consumers, you need more than numbers. You need to understand customer behavior.

Online shopping behavior

The US customer base is internet-savvy and very well accustomed to online shopping.

The level of customer satisfaction is relatively high. However, so are the expectations. In this regard, any online business owner needs to be offering the highest quality products and services.

Who are the most active shoppers in the US?

According to Statista, the most common ecommerce consumers are the youngest. Approximately 20% of online shoppers are between the ages of 25-34. Consumers whose age is between 35-44 account for another 17% of the market. People aged 55-64 account for 14.6% and those who are over 65 account for 14.4%.

most common us ecommerce consumers

It is generally assumed that millennials (people aged 18-34) are more likely to purchase digitally.

Another notable aspect of the US market is the frequency of online shopping. More than half of American consumers complete online purchases several times per month. Another 20% state that they shop online weekly.

The holiday seasons are the time of the year when the consumption rate is the highest. In other words, people are spending more during the holidays.

What do US online shoppers buy most often?

To round up the shopping behavior of US consumers, here are the top categories for online shopping.

us ecommerce most popular categories

Of course, we must not forget what kind of impact the pandemic has had on the US market. While the mentioned above categories are still considered strong, certain categories of products have seen a significant increase in demand.

Us ecommerce hottest product categories

You can easily find most of these product categories on Sellvia and import them to your online store. Our catalog only includes high-quality products that have huge potential and are constantly in demand! We make sure that by getting the products from Sellvia, your business can compete with anyone and achieve success easily.

Shipping across the United States

An essential aspect of any ecommerce business is the shipping conditions. Luckily, the United States has a well-developed logistics system that includes rail networks, highway connections, and air traffic systems. Thanks to which the customers can receive their orders in short periods of time.

The most popular shipping options in the United States are considered UPS and FedEx.

If you choose to operate your business with Sellvia, we offer fast shipping solutions to our clients. Due to the fact that our Fulfillment Center, where all of our products are stored, the items will be delivered on favorable terms for the consumers and within 1-3 business day delivery.

We know that shipping is a significant factor, which is why we want you to manage your business on the best of terms.

Benefits of selling to the United States

So, how are you feeling about targeting the US market? If you’re still not sure, let’s look at the benefits of aiming at this market.

The first thing that we would like to highlight is the size and maturity of the US market. Essentially, any business owner has access to a large number of potential online shoppers. Furthermore, the US consumer base is very accustomed to online shopping, along with the fact that the US has a well-developed infrastructure and advanced payment options, it is a great opportunity for online business owners.

The second aspect we want to highlight is access to advanced technology. What we mean by this is that the people in the US are quick to integrate any new application or social media platform into their daily lives. This opens up new opportunities to online sellers for communication and marketing purposes.

Final thoughts on why you should target the US ecommerce market

us ecommerce consumers

Taking everything into consideration, the US market presents itself as a unique opportunity for any online business owner. In this market, online shopping is a regular thing of everyday life for the majority of the population.

With that being said, by powering your ecommerce business with Sellvia, your business will be ready to target the US market and reap the benefits straight away.

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